Grade A Friday – Amanda Marcum Enfield

2013’s biggest Cinderella story of the Men’s NCAA tournament are the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles.  Their upset of #2 Georgetown in the first round, second round, whatever you call it, was truly an upset.  I didn’t hear one person leading up to the tournament picking, or even hinting at FGCU winning.  And yet they did it with reasonable ease. Many say its because of their coach, Andy Enfield and his swagger.  When you’re pulling chicks like Amanda, its easy to see why you’d be so swagged out.  Keep it going, coach!  At least until you play Florida, then you’re welcome to lose.  Gator Chomp!

In case no one knows what Andy Enfield looks like, he’s this dude… 

Dudes dig chick’s bodies, chicks dig dude’s money.  That’s been scientifically proven.

One thought on “Grade A Friday – Amanda Marcum Enfield

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