Amanda Bynes Tweets Drake That She Wants Him To Murder Her Vagina


Damn Amanda Bynes doesn’t hold back. Last week she tweeted this… Untitled4

And now she’s just blatantly begging for Drake’s dick. Do you not know how to play hard to get, Amanda? Its when you make guys think you don’t want to have sex with us. Then it makes us want to have sex with you more. You’re just skipping right over that part and working your way into the sex. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Of course having sex is great, but the chase is half the fun. Otherwise its just meaningless sex. Which, yes, is still good sex.

The Twitter world blew up after Amanda declaration. Here are a few goodies from both celebs and norms…




The March Madness comparisons were pretty good, but nothing beat @PaulyGoodWood’s tweet about looking like a bag of horse hiccups. Not quite sure what a bag of horse hiccups looks like, but I can imagine its not good. You can bet that I’ll be using this quite often when referring to the have-nots of the female gender.

Oh, and yes, if Amanda Bynes were to tweet this to me, I would definitely have sex with her.


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