CVS Is Demanding All It’s Fat Employees Disclose Just How Fat They Truly Are

LA Times – Employees at one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains must disclose personal health information — including their weight — or pay a $600-a-year fine, according to a published report. CVS Caremark Corp. is requiring workers to reveal the information to their company’s insurance carrier or pay an extra $50 a month for health coverage, according to the Boston Herald.

CVS could not immediately be reached for comment. But a spokesman told the newspaper that “our benefits program is evolving to help our colleagues take more responsibility for improving their health and managing health-associated costs.” Employees must reveal their weight, height, body fat and blood pressure, the paper reported. The company calls it a “health screening and wellness review” and will foot the bill for the associated doctor visits, according to the report. But employees must agree to sign a form claiming the screening is voluntary, according to the paper, and allow the insurer to pass the results to the firm handling its health program.

The effort is likely to spur strong feelings from both advocates and detractors.

CVS Caremark issued this statement Tuesday afternoon:

“We want to help our employees to be as healthy as they can be, which is why we decided to implement this plan. In fact, we have been working for a number of years on ways they can improve their health through preventive measures. Healthcare programs that incent employees to be healthier are not new. Many companies around the country already have plans similar to the one we are implementing. In fact, 79% of large employers have health assessments incorporated into their programs. To encourage a higher level of participation in our wellness review, we reviewed best practices and determined that an additional cost for those who do not complete the review was the most effective way to incent our colleagues to improve their health care and manage health costs. CVS Caremark is committed to providing medical coverage and healthcare programs for our colleagues and privacy is rigorously protected, consistent with HIPAA regulations. All personal health data from these screenings are collected and reviewed by a third-party administrator that supports the CVS Caremark Wellness Program, and this data is not shared with CVS Caremark — rather it is designed to help employees make the best decisions about their own healthcare.”


CVS just calling out all of it’s fat employers.  Ballsy.  I love it.  If you’re fat, you know you’re fat.  No sugar coating it, people.  We can tell by our eyes that you’re physically unfit and ready to croak at any point.  Writing down on a piece of paper your actually weight, height, blood pressure and body fat isn’t that big of a deal.  Its either that or a $600 yearly fine.  Its not like you’re admitting to something no one can tell, like how many people you’ve slept with, or whether you have AIDS or herpes.  America is fat.  Like real fat.  I just watched Louie Anderson struggle dive in a pool, and then struggle even more to just get out of the pool.  He needed 2 grown men to hoist himself out.  That’s pathetic.  That shit is non-insurable if I were an insurance company.  “Oh you haven’t seen your own dick in 10-years due to your stomach?  Uninsurable.”  “You can’t sit up in bed, you need to roll out?  Uninsurable.”  America can’t be dealing with that.  We’re supposed to be the toughest, most badass country going and we can’t even walk down the street without huffing, puffing and weezing our asses off.  Fast food have become the new staple for family meals because parents refuse to say no and teach their kids the benefits of eating healthy.  They won’t say no, they’ll just add more butter and salt to every plate of food.  Or they’ll take them to McDonald’s or Burger King so that they can get a cool $0.99 toy, along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.

If an individual can’t get life insurance, or certain health insurance plans because of conditions that are deemed to be pre-existing- born with, then individuals who voluntarily ruin their health and give themselves these illness should also be denied.  First way to get to do that is to collect all the health information of potential insureds.  This is the new America, people.  A bigger, stronger, more fit America.  If you want to eat shit food, get pudgy and sit around all day then move to Mexico.  Its tacos and burritos all day down there.

One thought on “CVS Is Demanding All It’s Fat Employees Disclose Just How Fat They Truly Are

  1. what a aweful comment if you want to eat crap all day, this is an assumption Iknow plenty who eat way more junk them me and are thinner then tooth picks, including some woman I have known over the years, this is bull crap propaganda and prejudice against overweight. we defintily live in a shame culture, if i don’t agree with your lifestyle or looks I will use fines, shame, or social stigma to force you to change to the way I feel you should be. I known plenty who have tried to address their obesity/weight issues by following the experts advice (myself included) plenty of time only to have their cure not work in the long run, sure you lose weight but are you healthier for it? I think not, not when your starving all the time, your weak and tired nad want to sleep all the time and feel like you have lead in your legs when you go running. chronic hunger is a sign your not eating enough on time or that your basically starving. never in my days have I ever heard that starving to lose weight is healthy. (you know cal in cal out paradigm that refuses to die despite evidence it is wrong). too bad, now people get punished for not understanding their biology (doctors don’t either) and can’t fit some image set by others who have no idea what they are talking about.


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