Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Rushes The Court To Plea To LeBron To Return In 2014

No doubt this guy was totally hammered.  Probably woke up this morning in his jail cell and has no idea how he got there.  Last thing he remembers is discussing with his buddies how he can get LeBron’s attention, while at the same time coming up with an excuse to miss work today so that he can stay home and watch the NCAA tournament.  He nailed both.  My only disappointment is that he ran onto the court and then right past LeBron. Obviously his shirt was dedicated to The King, therefore you shouldn’t be running away from him.  He needed to run right up to him and plead for a LBJ return.  Cleveland needed to plea.  They were all personal witnesses to him destroying that city again last night.  Totally did them dirty.  He let them get away with a 27-point lead and then with 18-minutes left he kicked it into high gear and led a Miami comeback that resulted in a 3-point win.  Broke the hearts of all of Ohio.  LeBron James is a boss hog gangsta.  I’m digging this new LeBron.  I love the determination, the swag, and the new late-game factor he’s added.  He’s a man amongst boys on a basketball court.  Miami got themselves quite a deal in 2010.  No way he leave South Beach and returns to the shit hole of a city Cleveland.


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