Chris Paul Goes Flop City

I need to start this off by saying I wish Chris Paul a speedy recovery from the ferocious hit he took last night from DeMarcus Cousins.  Dude is a trooper.  A warrior.  One of a kind.

Now, if Chris Paul doesn’t get fined today for his incredulous flop attempt last night then David Stern should be fired immediately.  I’m not even sure what CP3 was trying to prove there.  Cousins didn’t even lift an arm or anything. Paul just went full on Oscar’s mode. Those State Farm commercials are taking over his life.  Even on the basketball court he feels he needs to put his best acting foot forward.  Basketball players are pansies.  It goes soccer, baseball, and then basketball as having the softest, most cry baby players around.  Get back on defense, bro. Otherwise LA is calling up your brother, Cliff to play point.  Heard he’s good at assisting too.

(h/t/ King)



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