A Bunch Of College Bros Just Bro-ing It Out In The Water At Spring Break

At first I thought this was just going to be a bunch of dudes splashing each other like sissies, but I was glad went it turned into a royal rumble.  Shit go fierce about a minute in.  Not sure what it is about guys and fighting.  I guess it has something to do with looking and proving masculinity.  I never really went through that phase.  Never felt like I had something to prove.  Go ahead and punch my lights out, I’ll use my words to break you down.  My scars will heal, yours will forever live inside of you to where you’ll cry at night to your girlfriend.

These dudes have no fear.  Being knocked out in water isn’t a safe thing.  That’s instant drowning.  Like instant, instant.  If you can drown in a tablespoon of water, I’m sure knee-high, thigh-high water will do a number on you.  I’m not saying I’m a bitch, but I would’ve been out of that water real quick.  First off, I hate being splashed.  Let me chill and relax, stop acting like your 5-years old.  Secondly, I’m not trying to drown via being knocked out on my spring break vacation.  I’m trying to get my drink on and party with babes who have low self esteem, daddy issues, and are crazy enough that they could have books and movies written about them.  That’s the only thing I’ve trying to hit in the water.


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