The Swiss Are Wrecking Hockey Pucks With No Shame

First off, no one bitch that this is in French.  French is the language of love.  No one can hate it.  Secondly, a bunch of times I’ve heard play-by-play guys refer to baseball players as “hitting the stuffing” out of a ball, but I’d never actually saw it.  Unless you count movies.  Hitting a puck so hard you break it into two is remarkable.  These things are made to ricochet off of the boards, glass, the ice, and even the posts.  But not when this dude shoots.  No puck is safe around him.  The end result is two halves of a puck drifting across the ice.  Kind of reminds me of the time I hit a golf ball 400-yards.  I just annihilated the plastic dimples right off.  It was something out of Happy Gilmore. The crowd was cheering, my buddies were astonished, chicks were throwing themselves at me, it was truly spectacular.  Until I heard Ariez Onasis’ ‘Victim’ coming out of my iPhone and realized I was lying in bed, and it was time to get up and start my day.  It was all just a dream.



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