Kate Upton Gets Asked To Senior Prom, And I’m Not To Thrilled About It


Sorry Jake, but Kate is my girl.  She’s one of many.  The Water Cooler Community know this.  I don’t know if I can deal with finding out she went to prom with a dude who has an 11pm curfew.  I stopped having a curfew when I was a sophomore.  Real men come and go as they please.  They also have tattoos and facial hair.  Good job, good effort with the attempt though.  The religion, height, dance comparison was A-quality.  The rest of it was borderline awkward.  However, it worked.  Katie says he’ll go with you.  Just make sure you respect my woman.  Keep your hands where everyone can see them, compliment her on her looks, open the doors for her, pull out her chair, get her drinks when she’s thirsty and don’t dare think about a goodnight kiss.   If you want some after prom action, look for the dumpster baby mom candidate.  She’s the undercover slut of the class, not the most popular but still hangs with a crowd, her parents are strict Christians, she’s pretty but not hot, she loves attention, and she has a set plan of future goals that include college, med school, a husband and then kids, and she won’t break those goals because of some prom night rendezvous.  This chick is completely psycho, but looks like your normal high school girl.  You’ll know her as soon as you go to have sex with her because she’ll be the one who requests you don’t use a condom.  Yup, that’s ‘Prom Mom.’


One thought on “Kate Upton Gets Asked To Senior Prom, And I’m Not To Thrilled About It

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