Is This… A Perverted Way To Use An iPad, Or The Only Way To Use An iPad?

Daily Mail – A man has been caught on camera using his iPad to take photos up a woman’s skirt as he bends down to pat her dog.

Fashion model Brittanie Weaver realised that a man, who followed her around pet shop Puppy and Me in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, was actually taking pictures up her dress while he pretended to be interested in her pet. When her suspicions were raised about the customer, she tried to write a note to the women at the shop counter before she alerted police of the suspected peeping Tom. They have since released security footage of the incident in an attempt to find him.

As the man bent down to pat Ms Weaver’s dog, he had an iPad in his other hand. Ms Weaver said she became nervous when she realised that the man was not interested in her dog or the pets for sale.

She told KTLA5: “He kept kneeling down and falling over and couldn’t seem to balance properly. I realised by the time I got to the counter that he had been filming up my dress with his iPad. I wanted to confront him but he had a city employee badge on and I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t want to have a confrontation. So I just tried to remain calm and tried to write a note to the girls at the counter.”

Ms Weaver took to Twitter to describe her shock and disgust to her 28,000 Twitter followers. She posted on the social networking site: “So sickened by everything that happened today. Exhausted. A creep on the loose that was filming up my dress. I had a plan and it worked out perfectly. Soon will be another perv off the st.”

In response, one Twitter user wrote: “I saw you on the news and people are sick, what can we do, its hard to be somewhere alone but be careful cause men are sick.”


Of course this is a perverted way to use an iPad.  Going around capturing pictures of the underneath of girl’s skirts is illegal.  But at the same time this is about the only way to use an iPad, right?  An iPad is a small, portable computer- like an iPhone, only better.  Therefore you have to take advantage of its versatility.  I applaud his creativity and determination to see a chicks naughty zone, too.  I guess he’s unaware of online porn.  Its free to see and won’t get to locked up- unless its child porn.  Then you’ll never see the light of day, a la Jerry Sandusky.

I never get when guys go this far out of their way to see a chick naked, or to potentially see a chick naked.  Strip clubs confuse me, prostitution confuses me, hell, even Playboy confuses the fuck out of me.  For the price of internet service, or a cell phone contract, you can literally surf ‘porn’ through Google and come up with thousands of naked chicks.  Thousands upon thousands.  If I can’t get a free naked woman in front of me, my technology can.  I’m keeping all my dinero to waste on dinner, drinks and movies with real life chicks.  Thats how I pay for sex.


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