ESPN Has Kid President Fill Out A Tournament Bracket, Further Educating Our Youth On The Benefits Of Gambling

Nothing like ESPN teaching children how to gamble.  Kid doesn’t even look 8-years old and they already have him dressing up as Barack Obama and filling out a tournament bracket.  His future is ruined.  Once he turns 18, game over.  He’ll be running to the convenience stores for scratch tickets and Powerball tickets, he’ll spend Friday nights playing Keno, he’ll be on a first name basis with his bookie when football season rolls around, he’ll play dollar-a-hole with his buddies during their weekend golf rounds, and he’ll have a dozen brackets set-up come March.  And forget his teenage years, those will be spent rounding up friends for football pools that you’ve secretly printed out in the library, which you’ve hid in an abandoned high school locker.  Kid President better have a good inheritance from grandma when she visits the other side.


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