23-Month Old Owen Kopinski Drives For Show, Putts For Dough

MSN Now – Owen Kopinski isn’t even 2 years old yet, but he’s already prompting a comparison to Tiger Woods. The 23-month-old’s dad, Keith Kopinski, told “Today” the toddler picked up a golf club last fall and “he’s been putting and hitting ever since.” Keith says Owen, who counts “golf ball” as one of his few spoken phrases, has a good sense of how hard to hit the ball, can sink a hole-in-one from various distances and has captured PGA pro attention. Right now Owen’s just playing around, but it’s not lost on his dad that Woods’ father introduced him to the sport at 2. “You hope it goes on the same line as Tiger,” he said, presumably meaning only on the links, “but we’ll see.”

Hardo city with this kid rocking not one golf glove, but TWO golf gloves while putting.  Someone needs to tell Owen that wearing golf gloves while putting is one of the most uncool things you can do.  Its right up there with having an OtterBox on an iPhone, being pale, being fat, thinking cheerleading is a sport, wearing socks with boat shoes, and hating on the combover.  I am impressed with Owen’s putting stroke, though.  Kid already knows you drive for show, putt for dough.  Real fluid and concise.  I get real shaky when putting.  A million thoughts go through my head.  When you’re 2-years old though, there’s not much you’re worrying about.  If you don’t make the putt, oh well, hopefully mom still has the milk and cookies ready for when you get home.  Not like he’s going to lose a lot of sleep over it.  At 2 you’re lucky to remember what you ate for breakfast that day.  Most of the time you’re still shitting your pants on occasion.

Little Owen can do all the practicing he wants.  Tiger Woods’ skill will never be in his future.  I have my 7-month old nephew on the hunt for the top spot already.  Kid has skill for days..

Total amazement of a golf club.  Can’t walk, speak a word or pick himself up when he falls over, but he already knows the motion of a golf swing.  Give him 3-4 years and he’ll be coming out with his father and I, tearing apart the local golf course’s league tournaments.  What were you doing at 7-months old?


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