6-Year Old Cystic Fibrosis Patient Has His Life Saved By A Donated Vibrating Bed

Daily Mail – A little boy can breathe a little more easily after he was donated a vibrating bed which shakes loose dangerously high levels of mucus from his lungs while he sleeps. 

Jack Johnstone, six, suffers from a severe form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which has recently led him to be hospitalised once a month, as he battles life-threatening infections caused by a build up of the mucus on his chest. Before the arrival of the bed, Jack’s parents Tina and Kevin, 33, from Preston, Lancashire, were told that their son’s chest had ‘significantly deteriorated’ due to the number of infections he had contracted. Doctors told the couple that Jack’s quality of life and life expectancy had been reduced, but could not tell them by how much, simply that it had been a terminal effect.

His lung capacity only reached a maximum of 59 per cent, leaving him breathless and at risk of lethal infections.  But thanks to the donation of the £3,000 bed, Jack’s condition is better than ever. In just one month of sleeping in the bed, his lung capacity has already increased by eight per cent. 

It works by vibrating at different levels on different areas of Jack’s back to loosen the sticky fluid and cause him to cough it up, in turn saving his life. Mrs Johnstone, 38, said: ‘Jack has never coughed up any mucus in the whole of his life. ‘But since he has had the bed, he’s started clearing it from his chest. It’s amazing, it’s actually saving his life.’

The youngster is forced to spend two weeks in hospital every three months to provide him with life-saving treatment, and his condition is reviewed on each visit to hospital, with his medication altered to ensure he is able to have the best quality of life possible.

The little boy is a keen fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis trust and had been trying to raise enough money to buy the bed himself. Doctors told the couple that Jack’s quality of life and life expectancy had been reduced. But, after hearing of his condition through his fundraising efforts, manufacturers Niagara donated one of their beds for free.

I’m going to step out of the typical Water Cooler Talk for a while.  Shout out to the little homie, Jack.  Glad to hear you’ve found help with caring for your Cystic Fibrosis.  6-years old is too young to have to deal with such an adult responsibility but you and your folks seem to be meeting it head-on.  You make the CF community proud.  And an even bigger shout out to Niagara Adjustable Beds for donating the bed.  That’s one of the most upstanding things I’ve heard in a while.  Truly remarkable.  Nowadays everything seems to be about the bottom dollar, a what can you do for me.  But instead, Niagara is helping save a life.  Too often patients go without therapy or medicine because its just too expensive to keep taking.  The pharmaceutical companies know this.  Doctors know this.  But there seems to be little to no headway into changing it.  Obviously not everything can or should be free.  People need to get paid.  But in cases like this where you could save a young man’s life, there should always be some type of consideration put into affect.  And I’m glad Niagara did that.  You can bet your bottom dollar they’re getting tweeted from me.  Then I’m looking up one of their beds.  I know I just purchased a new one earlier this year, but shit, if this will save my life I’ll donate my new bed to some poor kid .  I’ll be the Niagara for poor children.

Keep it up, little man.  Don’t let the doctors or the illness keep you down.  Remain doing what you have to do, enjoy your new bed and never take life for granted.  There’s a reason why life-expectancy is estimated and not guaranteed.  Keep fighting the good fight, Jack.


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