Homeless Bro Dresses Up And Pretends That He’s A Doctor So That He Can Live In The Hospital

Huff Post – Police in Louisville, Ky., say they discovered a homeless man living at the city’s Norton Hospital Monday morning. He avoided detection by pretending to be a doctor.

The man, Patrick Campbell, was wearing scrubs, a lab coat and a surgical mask at the time of his discovery, working on a computer. According to WAVE, a doctor at the hospital had logged Campbell onto the computer, believing he was a colleague.

A police report, provided to the Courier-Journal, indicated the computer “contained highly sensitive personal information on hospital staff and patients.” Hospital spokeswoman Courtney Bisig countered that, saying the man had only used the computer to visit various websites.

According to WRDB, Campbell spent at least one night in a secure area of the hospital. He has been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful access to a computer.


The balls on Patrick.  Sneaking into a hospital to live there.  I can’t even spend a few hours at the hospital for a doctor’s appointment, never mind sneaking in to voluntarily spend the night.  Its like pulling teeth to get me admitted.  You better have your best persuasive essay ready if you think I’m sick enough to need to spend the night.  Not Patrick here.  He goes down to the nearest iParty and medical supply store, gets himself a nice getup and walks in like he owns the place.  I’m not so sure scrubs, a lab coat and a mask justifies pretending to be a doctor either.  If that’s the case then I pretend to be a doctor in my own home everyday.  Sandra has created a bubble child in my sister so we can’t come in contact with one another unless we have masks, gloves, scrubs, and we’re both within a hamster ball.  Its almost ridiculous, but then I remember its Sandra and it no longer becomes ridiculous.

PS, Not to sound judgmental, but from the naked eye Patrick Campbell doesn’t look very much like a doctor.

PSS, How dumb is the doctor who signed Patrick into the computer so that he could surf the net?  Bet he’ll have a nice job review.



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