Girlfriend Attacks Her Boyfriend Because He Chose Video Games Over Having Sex With Her


Huff Post – Police in Lansford, Pa., arrested Heather Hayes at a convenience store on Feb. 26 for allegedly attacking her boyfriend, Eric Zuber, who had spent the previous two days playing Xbox with his friends rather than having sex with her, according to msnNOW. Zuber confirmed to investigators that he turned down her request. At that point, he claimed she started slapping and punching him on his head and back, and also bit him on his left forearm. Then she grabbed his testicles and twisted, according to

Zuber managed to escape and run to a convenience store to call 911. Hayes followed, but in the heat of the moment, forgot her pants. When asked how that detail got skipped, Hayes told the arresting officer that she had been anticipating sex and didn’t want to waste valuable time going upstairs to get pants before following Zuber to the convenience store, according to

Hayes was charged with indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness, and harassment.


Some day chicks will learn that sometimes we don’t want to have sex. We might be tired, sick, sore, or the new God of War might have just come out. Either way, your pussy can wait until a later date. You know when you tell us you have a headache, or a stomachache, or that you’re tired, well that happens to us too. Well, the headache/stomachache doesn’t stop us, but XBox/PS3 is our equivalence. I know exactly how Zuber is feeling. I one time had a chick wait on the couch for me while I finished up some Call of Duty. It resulted in her falling asleep. I guess I got lucky that she chose to wait and not attack me. It was the one few times she chose not to verbally assault me. But don’t worry, she made up for it over time.

But that’s the thing, chicks will never be happy. If you want to have sex with them they’ll tell you that’s all you want. That you’re using them and you don’t really love them for them. If you hold off on sex and choose to play video games, they’ll tell you that you don’t love them and why don’t you want to have sex with them. Then they’ll chase you down the street without pants trying to assault you. That’s what estrogen does to the body apparently. It makes you crazy. Heather wasn’t even shy about her craziness. Hustling after the dick without pants because you crave it so, is on a whole different level. She’s like the Young Gunz the way she goes after the dick; Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

I’d recommend Eric gets out as soon as he can, but its not going to get any easier, bruh. This chick might want to kill you for playing video game and for not having sex with her, but the others will bitch you out and want to kill you for wanting to have sex with them, wanting to watch sports, wanting to hang out with friends, wanting to wait for marriage, or for literally anything at all. That’s chicks, Eric. They love to complain and try to stay one step ahead of us. Instead, they stress themselves out, create scenarios, and cause fractions within relationships. And yet we still love them and continue to spend our lives with them. Maybe we’re the crazy ones.

PS, I wouldn’t have sex with Heather either, Eric. Woof City.


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