Donte Stallworth Took What He Thought Was A Magical, Romantic, Safe Ride In A Hot-Air Balloon, But Ended Up Getting Burned

ProFootballTalk – Free agent receiver Donte Stallworth is reportedly hospitalized in stable condition after he was in a hot-air balloon accident on Saturday morning in Miami. Stallworth was burned when the hot-air balloon he was riding in with his girlfriend hit power lines, Mike Reiss of reports. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Stallworth’s injuries are not serious enough to threaten his career.

South Florida police told News 15 in Miami that two people were hospitalized after their hot-air balloon crashed into power lines. That report did not identify the two injured people. The incident reportedly happened at 10 a.m. on Saturday. A third passenger in the hot-air balloon was not injured.


You could say that this is karma for Stallworth killing a man in a drunk driving accident.  How often are people burned in a hot-air balloon accident?  Typically you’re good unless the balloon crashes.  Then you’re hurt.  Otherwise stay away from the fire and power line, and no one gets hurt.  Simple enough logic.  That is unless you’re a man convicted of DUI manslaughter.  Then you throw logic out the window.  Along with your senses and your inhibitions right after you hit the man, right before the cops bust you.

Side Note: I wonder if the pilot of the hot-air balloon was drunk.  Maybe they all were drunk.  Then it wouldn’t be a surprise.  Or karma.  Then it would just be a matter of consequence.

PS, Glad these injuries weren’t enough to threaten Stallworth’s career.  I mean, its not like he killed a man or had to serve time in jail.

PSS, Its funny because he did.


(h/t King)



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