TMZ Was Catfished And Lil Wayne’s Hip Hop Community Was Not Impressed

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Lil Wayne is recovering after being hospitalized for seizures. TMZ initially reported that Wayne was in critical condition.

The 30-year-old rapper was rushed to Cedars Sinai Tuesday. He was released the next day but was taken to the hospital again after being found unconscious in his room, TMZ reported. According to TMZ, Wayne had been placed in an induced coma.

The rapper Mack Maine tweeted, however, that Wayne is home “alive and well.” Another rapper, Birdman, tweeted, “My son is in good spirit..feelin much betta…be home soon.”

Rapper TI didn’t mince words when he took to Twitter to blast TMZ after the gossip site apparently misreported Lil Wayne’s condition, telling his followers that he personally called Wayne to check on him.

TI’s tweets on the matter — posted just after he stepped off stage at the South by Southwest music festival, where he was performing at the FADER Fort — are available below. (Please note that the tweets include graphic language and that the time stamps are incorrect — these tweets were posted at 9:54 pm on March 15.)

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TMZ got catfished like a motherfucker.  Now they’re getting attacked by a couple of rappers.  Rappers who have no problem carrying concealed weapons.  T.I. and Mack Maine let them know what was good.  Their language was perfect.  Even T.I. misspelling ‘straight’ as ‘skraight.’  Who has time to proof read when you’re venting your frustrations on your boy allegedly seizing to death.  Whoever brought about this story is in some hot, hot water today.  Nothing like reporting a fake death.  The media had Wayne somewhere on an island with Tupac, Biggie and Elvis real quick.  I read multiple stories before  blogged it and every story just got worse and worse and worse.  I was waiting for the “Lil Wayne Dies” title to pop up soon.  But it didn’t.  Instead, @LilTunechi popped up on my Twitter with the above tweet.  Tunechi had us all fooled.  Faking death like a real O.G.

Only thing we can be sure about is that Weezy did have a, or multiple, seizures.  Not sure how serious it got, but he was in fact hospitalized with the condition.  My only question is why are T.I. and Mack Maine’s Twitters throwing out the wrong timestamp?  I read Mack Maine’s tweets last night at 8:30ish and they were timestamped with 12:19am, 16 Mar 13.  That’s four hours into the future.  Where the fuck was Mack Maine?  And T.I.’s did the same thing.  His were timestamped 1:50am, 16 Mar 13, when in fact it was 9:50, 15 Mar 13.  Rappers be lying.

PS, I could read T.I.’s tweet over and over and they remain as funny as the first time I read them.  Our educational system is failing like a mothafucka.  This some hoe-ass-shit.  I’m ready to ride bout all dis fuck shit, T.I.



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