Real Rap Raw From Water Cooler’s Commenters

Untitled 5

Chill out, bro.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need you.  Unless maybe if you mean for writing blogs like this afterwards, than yeah, guess I do need you.  I know I didn’t approve your comment.  Like I said, it had no relevance to the blog.  The first guy’s comment did.  He bashed me by saying, “You sound like an ass and seem to have little/no respect/knowledge for the sport. This is an event in Yuba City, CA, not Vegas.” It was about the MMA fight. But what he doesn’t realize is that I never said the even took place in Vegas, I said what if it had.  And I do have respect and some knowledge for the game.  Which is why I feel there should always be a winner.  Like in every sport.

If you really want your comment approved, Hov, send me a quick 16 about the blog I wrote and I’ll approve that shit everyday.  It’s not your rapping, its the substance.  The substance wasn’t there.  I want it to come from the heart.  Really have something to do with the writing.  Not just something spit off the dome about being a king and never going back.  Real rap, raw.  Bars.  Off the dome.  17 off the cuff.  Chocolate Droppa.



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