I’m Not Proud To Say This, But I Couldn’t Remember What Day It Was Today

I absolutely love having sports to watch during the weekday.  March Madness is probably my favorite time of the year for sports, besides summer when I can golf.  But waking up to college basketball on TV sends my mind for a loop.  Today I woke up and literally thought it was Saturday for a good hour because college basketball was on ESPN and ESPN2.  I didn’t come to the realization that it was Friday until I checked CBS to see if they had the SEC tournament on.  Once I saw daytime soaps my brain was like, whaaaaattt?

This is what happens when you mix March Madness with Spring Break.  All hell breaks loose.  Up is down, left is right, dark is light, and Brian can’t remember what day it is.  Not knowing the day is such a female move, Sports Reporter.  You have to be better than that.  Have to.  Have to.  Have to.

I’ll be listening to this song on repeat today just to keep my senses strong on what day it is..



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