Ohio State Coach Criticizes Kicker For Getting Water During Stretching Drills

I’ve been meaning to post this since the weekend.  Totally botched that.  Guess I got a little too caught up with the happenings with the pope and NFL free agency.  My bad.  Well here’s what we all expected happened to kickers.  An Ohio State coach, Kerry Coombs, just goes and cusses out the kicker for wanting water.  His exact words, “What do you need water for, sunshine? We’re stretching and you’re a kicker!”  Touché, Coach Coombs.  Good to know that kickers don’t require hydration.  Must have missed that one while I was sleeping through science class in school.  Also, according to Coach Coombs, water is not a vital necessity for stretching.  While most may believe that tight muscles are do to poor flexibility and poor hydration, Coach Coombs wants you to be assured that that’s not the case.  Kickers don’t need to drink, and water is not necessary if all you’re doing is stretching.  Man up and get to stretching those muscles, bro.  All you do is kick a ball a few times a game.

PS, Bobby Boucher wouldn’t have been impressed with Coach Coombs.

PSS, Urban Meyer is a dick head.  UF Pride.


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