Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders Let The Officials Know How Much He Appreciated Each One Of Them

Fuck you.  Fuck you.  And fuck you.  Larry Sanders just let every official know how he felt with 3 sarcastic thumbs up.  He was tired, he’d had enough, and he just wanted to hit the showers.  I don’t blame him.  Milwaukee sucks. The basketball team, the city,  really, the whole state of Wisconsin is atrocious.  I’m surprised there’s black people even willing to work and live there.  I’m not sure how many millions it’d take me to pack up my belongings and head on over to the Badger State.  I do know its more than the $1.992 million that Larry is making in 2013.

I lied.  I’d live and work in Wisconsin for $1.992 mill.  Hell, I’d live and work there for $200,000.

(h/t Bleacher Report)



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