Who Am I, Wednesday?


The answer is Ryan Lochte.  I guess Lochte and Electra got cozy at a club in Hollywood where onlookers spotted them kissing, with Lochte having his arm around Carmen as they were seated together in a booth.  They kind of fit together, I guess.  He’s dumb as rocks and well, she can’t be too bright seeing as how she married Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro, and was recently linked with Simon Cowell.  She’s your “I’ll take whatever I can get” girl. Right now Lochte is what she can get.  Chicks seem to love Lochte even with his low IQ.  When you have a swimmer’s body apparently counting to 10 or knowing your ABC’s isn’t a requirement for chicks.  They just want to gawk at you and sex you up real quick.  Typical chicks.  You know that’s what Carmen did last Wednesday.  She had her hands all over the Loch-ness Monster.  I don’t even doubt it.  And if I’m Ryan, I’m going full steam ahead. Double wrap your ish, bruh and dive in head first.  Banging out Carmen Electra has been a fantasy of mine since I first saw her on Baywatch.



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