Wes Welker Is Taking His Talents To Mile High

Tension just got a little bit tighter between these two, today.
Untitled8Today was Christmas in my house.  Wes Welker looked Belidouche right in the eye and said, “fuck you, Billy Boy!” Bill Belidouche thinks he’s so smart.  That he can just sit back and whatever move he makes will strike gold.  That he can just restructure Brady’s deal to save cap space and then refuse to sign any of their major players year in and year out.  Bill Belidouche is just that, a douche. Last year, New England  franchised Welker for $9 million.  This year, they offered him $5 million a year.  $5 mill.  $5 mill for a player who averages 100 catches per year and has regularly been your savior on offense.  He is Mr. 3rd Down.  Mr. Chain Mover.  He never misses time, and he’s never been a diva like the receivers everyone complains about.  Now he’s taking his talents to Mile High.  He will be Peyton’s favorite target.  Anyone remember how he was with Marvin Harrison?  He was a possession receiver similar to Wes, just a little taller, and he was regularly a part of Peyton’s progression.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Peyton is waiting at the main door of Broncos’ headquarters waiting for Wes to show up and sign his contract.  He has his football in one hand and his playbook in the other, and he’s ready to start playing catch. Denver landed the biggest bargain of free agency.  2-years at $12 million is like getting your girl to leave you alone for 12-hours on a Sunday solely because you agreed to have sex with her Saturday night.  Its a win-win, and almost too good to be true.

PS, No doubt Anna Burns Welker was included in this decision.  She wasn’t letting her man go play with or for any murderers.

PSS, Suck a dick, Belidouche.  Suck a dick, Tommy Brady.  Suck a dick, Patriots Nation.  Suck a dick, New England.


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