My Girl, Selena Gomez, Is Taking Over The Internet World

I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but my girl Selena Gomez is kind of a big deal right now.  She’s all over the internet with these new looks.  None which I’ve hated yet.  She’s most definitely going for the show off look.  Loves having her abs and her legs out, and they’re her best assets so why not.  This is all leading up to her new movie, Spring Breakers which I will be watching.  Not because of the acting, but because she’s wardrobed in a bikini for nearly all of it.  Sounds like an Oscar worthy movie to me.  Count me in for a middle seat, in the middle row with some candy and popcorn.  Or, I’ll probably just save my pennies and wait for it to hit Redbox.



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