Groom Is Arrested For His Freeway Proposal Stunt

Huff Post – Four men – including the would-be groom – have been arrested for a marriage proposal stunt in which hundreds of motorcycles blocked a Southern California freeway, authorities said.

The prospective groom and three of his friends were all booked for investigation of misdemeanor public nuisance and participating in an unlawful assembly. The 24-year-old groom, Hector Martinez of Covina, also was booked for investigation of exhibition of speed, authorities said Tuesday.

As many as 250 motorcycles stopped on the eastbound Interstate 10 in West Covina on Jan. 27 so that Martinez could propose to his girlfriend. At one point, a bike sent up a cloud of pink smoke. The stunt, which lasted about two minutes, was captured on video and went viral on the Internet.

“They made a spectacle of it,” said Sgt. Kurt Stormes of the California Highway Patrol. “It’s a slap in the face of law enforcement, in general.”

Martinez’s bride-to-be accepted the proposal. She is not facing any charges.


This has to be the most romantic thing I’ve heard.  Nothing like shutting down an entire interstate to profess your love for your girlfriend.  I’m more impressed by the fact that this guy knows 250 other bikers.  I know like 6, but then again there’s a 98% chance he’s in a biker gang and I’m obviously not.  Kind of curious as to how they did the pink smoke too.  Wonder if that’s his girlfriend’s favorite color or their biker gang color.  I hope his girl really appreciated this because jail time isn’t fun to serve even if its only over night.  Best possible scenario is he’s put on probation and has to serve community service.  All because he wanted to show his significant other how much he cared for her.  That’s our government/law enforcement for ya.  No hearts.  This is just another example that showing off for girls gets you no where.  Grab her by the hand, tell her you love her, get down on one knee, pop the q and let her get back to cooking dinner while you catch up on the days action via Sportscenter.  It might not lead to headlines news or a fairy tale story, but at least it also won’t lead to a 6×8, a cement bed and sodomy.



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