A Pittsburgh Steelers’ Fan Got A Terrible Towel Tattoo

I’m not saying this because I’m a Giants fan, I’m saying this strictly as a human being with taste, this tattoo is the ugliest, worst idea for a tattoo that I have seen in a long while.  I mean, first of all the Terrible Towel is supposed to be yellow.  And second,  having a tattooed towel draped over your shoulder is all kinds of hideous.  Picture having to bang that, ladies.  Get a little sweaty during sex?  Shoulder towel has you covered.  Plus, the exposed nipple makes it a million times worse.  It good to see he, nor his tattoo artist, put much thought into this idea.  If I ever showed up to my guy with this idea I’d hope he’d smack me across the face two or three times and then leave me to sort through my brain cells until I realized how retarded I was.  I’ll give him this, though, that had to hurt like a bitch.  I heard chest and rib tattoos aren’t the most comfortable, and this tattoo takes up his whole right trapezoid, his entire right pec, and extends all the way down to his ribs.  Tear city for me.



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