Sam Hendrickson: Why I Hate Asians (Totally Not Racist, But Totally Racist)

1) Asians do all look alike.  Can’t hate a guy for not being attracted to a certain ethnicity or type.  I’m not attracted to pale gingers.  Shit is gross.  2) Sweatshops are horrendous.  I can barely do household chores, no way I’m working in a sweatshop for $0.25 a day.  Absolute pure death.  3) Sushi is disgusting.  Fish in any capacity is disgusting.  That’s just honesty.  4) Being short does blow. Again, just being honest.  I’m 5’8″ and I’m borderline suicidal about it.  Any shorter and I’d be joining Baby J up North.  And lastly, 5) blurred porn and small dicks.  Game. Set. Match.  No need to go on about number 5.  This video was totally not racist.  It was more inspirational.  I felt it taught me something.  Be happy with who you are.  A white male in the United States.  It gets no better.

If you understood it for racism then you might be racist.  Re-evaluate yourself and your life.  You’re what’s wrong with this world.

PS, Actually, the small dick part might be racist.  Also, the part about all Asians looking alike is kind of racist.  The rest is judgmental, though.



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