NHL Prospect Breaks In Stranger’s Home While Drunk, Lays Up On The Couch And Tells The Family To Get Out Of His House

Yahoo! – Imagine waking up in your bed, going to the living room and finding a heavily intoxicated professional hockey player, who apparently shares Jesus’s barber, sitting on your couch after breaking into your home – and refusing to leave. Benjamin Garza’s family doesn’t need to imagine it, because this insane scene allegedly played out on Monday morning, as Florida Panthers prospect Scott Timmins of the San Antonio Rampage (AHL) left The Hanger bar and ended up on their couch. Which, in fairness, he thought was his couch.

The police report states that when Garza’s wife found Timmins sitting on her couch, she asked him who he was, to which he responded, “Don’t worry about that.”

“He was yelling, ‘What are you doing in my house,'” said Garza. “My wife said, ‘You need to get the hell out of here,'” added Garza. She was able to escape through a back door with her kids.

She called 911 and her husband. When Garza finally faced the man who scared the daylights out of his children he said, “You’re lucky I wasn’t here because I would’ve put a bullet between your eyes and it would’ve been over for you.”

Well that would have been messy. Police say Timmins, 23, couldn’t remember how he entered the home, but police told KSAT that he entered through a back door and “thought he was in his own home.” He was arrested for criminal trespassing.


I’ve been pretty drunk before.  Instances where I’ve participated in wrestling matches with steel chairs, hooked up with trolls, and even once had Sandra so frightened she tried bringing me to the hospital.  I don’t remember the hospital run, but from what I’ve been told it was amusing.  I refused to talk to anyone in the car besides my boy, ChefBoyRD.  All I wanted to do was go to sleep and all everyone else wanted to do was hold a conversation.  Fuck conversations when you’re drunk.  Just let me be.  However, as drunk as I’ve ever gotten, I’ve never broken into someone’s house thinking it was my own.  Probably because I’m not an alcoholic who goes to bars and drinks by themselves.  Not sure what Scott was thinking.  This is the exact reason why everyone needs a drinking buddy.  When the time comes that you’re too inebriated to make decisions you need that other person to help you out.  I have that in ChefBoyRD.  Even though some of the decisions he’s made for me drunk are questionable once sober, we’ve never broken into a family’s home, sat on their couch and yelled at them “What are you doing in my house.”  Although we have been hustled out of $20 by Sandra.  And it was not worth it at all.



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