Is This… The Greatest, Most Cocky Shootout Attempt Of All-Time Or The Worst, Most Cocky Shootout Attempt Of All-Time?

So cocky.  So swagged out.  Kaspars Daugavins was on a mission to get on ESPN tonight.  He was either getting on with the greatest goal scored ever, or he was getting on because Barry Melrose was ridiculing the shit out of him during his 4-minute segment the World Wide Leader gives him each day.  Had he made this, the world would have blown up.  I’d like to say it’d run ESPN’s Top Plays and be #1, but like I’ve said, ESPN hates hockey.  Therefore it’d probably end up 7th.  Anyways, since he didn’t make it, everyone is hating him.  Which I disagree with.  You can’t always follow the pack.  Sometimes you have to stand out on your own.  Make a name for yourself.  Be a leader and not a follow.  Even if that means attempting an NHL ’13 hockey move during a regular season shootout that jeopardizes your team’s chances at a W.  You win some, you lose some.

(h/t/ STL for the video)


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