New York Millionaire Accused Of Harboring An Undocumented Immigrant Slave

Raw Story – Millionaire socialite Annie George, 40, went on trial Tuesday for allegedly keeping an undocumented immigrant as a “slave” in her upstate New York mansion.

According to CBS 6 in Albany, Valsamma Mathai, 49, testified Tuesday that she was held in the 30,000 square foot, 26-bedroom Llenroc Mansion in Rexford, New York for six and a half years as she worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and slept in a walk-in closet.

Mathai, an undocumented immigrant from India, said she was picked up at a New York bus station by George’s late husband Mathai Kolath George, who spoke her native tongue and offered a job that would pay $1,000 per month — a significant raise over the $100 per month she was making.

When she arrived, however, Mathai claims she did not have her passport or visa, and soon discovered she wasn’t allowed to leave. It wasn’t until the National Human Trafficking Resource Center received a tip from the woman’s son, who prosecutors said recorded a conversation with George, that agents came to her rescue. A criminal complaint was filed last March.

George is facing a charge of harboring an undocumented immigrant, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.


My only question with this story is did the George’s pay Valsamma $1,000 per month as promised?  Because if so, I feel like there shouldn’t be beef no matter this broad’s documentation.  Its not their fault she was able to get into the United States without paperwork, that’d be our government’s.  And its not their fault she was making $100 per month at another job- while illegally in the United States.  That’s also the government’s.  All they did was offer her a better chance at life.  The American Dream.  What we’ve preached over and over to every immigrant.

But if they promised her $1000 and instead paid her in Trident Layers, lashes, and a dirt hut out back where she could live, well then I’d say she still made out because even that’s better than living in India.  Let this broad keep slaving away for her $250 a week.  She makes out.  The George’s make out.  We all make out.

PS, 100% chance her son wants his mom’s money or a job and he’s getting neither.  Now he’s snitching to the feds.  Snitches get stitches, bro.



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