Minnesota Trades Percy Harvin To The Seattle Seahawks

FOX Sports – The Seahawks and Vikings have agreed to a trade that would send wide receiver Percy Harvin to Seattle for draft picks pending he passes a physical, FOXSports.com has learned.

Harvin, who is entering the final year of his rookie deal, has been adamant about an extension, but the Vikings looked to cut bait on the premier talent.

Seattle seemed like an ideal landing spot as Harvin has worked with Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who coached Harvin in Minnesota during his rookie season.


Big pickup for the Seahawks.  Big, big pickup.  This is a team with an outstanding young quarterback, one of the best running backs, and a top 3 defense.  All they needed was a wide receiver.  Boom.  Now they have it.  Not sure what draft picks they gave up, but as long as its not 3 #1’s or something that bizarre, I can’t see this trade being bad for Seattle.

Unfortunately, the trade isn’t sitting well with all of Seattle.  When asked about the trade, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate responded with:

“The Seahawks are trying to do whatever they think is necessary to put together a Super Bowl quality team. If this is one of the steps they think works to accomplish that then that’s their choice. I don’t think it will impact any of our work habits. We are still going to grind and let the cards play out the way that they will.”

Sounds like sour grapes from a dude who can see his role diminishing.


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