Girls Basketball Team Struggling To Lift Gatorade Cooler Leads To The Worst Gatorade Bath Ever

A couple of chicks doing what chicks do best… fucking shit up.  Proving that guys are the stronger sex.  Sorry about your broken hip, coach.  Hope you’re still glad we won the NJCA District F National Qualifying game.  Yup, that’s right.  A fricken qualifying game.  These broads went Super Bowl victory mode on their coach after qualifying.  And the worst part is they weren’t even capable of lifting the Gatorade bucket.  I mean if you’re going to douse your old ass coach with Gatorade at least make sure you can lift the bucket.  Practice a bit on your own free time just so you don’t embarrass yourself.  Pouring it all over his shoes and the floor will only inevitably end up with what we saw.  Your coach face planting- unable to get up, and a fan running to help him also hitting the deck.  I felt like I was watching a scene out of Home Alone.  Only this was totally unplanned and just a result of chicks being unequipped for the sporting world.



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