Chris Brown’s Newest Rant About Women (NSFW Video)

With every insane thing Chris Brown does, I start to like him just a little bit more.  He”s just so outlandish.  You almost can’t believe something so stupid could come out of an individual’s mouth.  Freaking out over a $10 valet charge is one thing, getting to the microphone to explain how every dude needs to tell his girlfriend how he owns her vagina is another.  I get where he was coming from.  You don’t literally tell your girl “I own your pussy,” you just don’t act like a schmuck.  You act like a grown man, take care of your business and don’t give her a reason to explore elsewhere.  You show your girl that that’s your pussy.  Simple enough explanation.  It just so happens that when it comes from Chris Brown its never that simple.  He makes it seem like you beat it into your girlfriend.  Maybe because he does.



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