Ravens Trade Anquan Boldin To San Francisco


ESPN – The Baltimore Ravens agreed to trade receiver Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers, the team they beat last month in the Super Bowl, sources confirmed to ESPN. The Ravens will receive a sixth-round draft choice in return, the sources said.

Boldin, who is in Africa on a mission, needs to pass a physical before the trade with San Francisco becomes complete.

The Ravens had reportedly asked Boldin to take a pay cut to help the team with its salary-cap situation. Boldin is scheduled to earn $6 million in the coming season. He carries a $7.531 million salary-cap figure.


John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens just traded Anquan Boldin to Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers.  For a 6th round pick.  Just your typical ‘brother helping brother out’ trade.  I can’t believe all they gave up was a 6th for Anquan.  I’d have given up a 3rd or 4th for him no doubt.  He’s only 32-years old and he hasn’t showed any sign of slowing down.  He’s the perfect tough wide receiver.  Willing to go over the middle for any pass and has no gripe laying a block on any member of the defense.  He’s going to fit in perfectly with San Fran’s scheme.  Which is saddening me quite a bit seeing as how the Giants have to go through them for the NFC.  Thanks a bunch, Baltimore.  Appreciate it.  Maybe you could send Ray Rice our way for a 3rd-4th rounder and we can call it even….???

PS, As I look out my window and see tons of snow I’ve become instantly jealous of Anquan Boldin getting to go live in California.  Talk about upgrading your life. Going from Baltimore, Maryland to San Francisco, California.


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