Mexico And Canada Brawled In The WBC Classic

There goes Mexico with their tough guy routine.  That doesn’t surprise me.  What did was Canada falling for it.  I always thought Canadians were nice, easy going folk.  Never thought they’d be wrangled in by those sneaky Mexicans.  But they were.  Mexicans and Canadians just don’t get along it seems.  Must be why the United States separates these two.  Otherwise we’d see a North Korea/South Korea on the western side of the world.  Canada is just lucky Mexico wasn’t prepared with their shanks.  No Canadians would’ve been standing then.  Ultimately leaving Mexico to win both the game and brawl by default.  Its a fact that Mexico will literally do almost anything for a victory.

Alfredo Aceves showing his war wounds..

(h/t Bleacher Report for image)



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