Renaldo Balkman Had Enough And Choked Out A Teammate

That’s your teammate, bro.  No need to go Rondo Rousey on his ass.  He’s just trying to save you from being ejected, suspended and fined.  No need to choke his lights out.  Save that frustration for game play and use it to muscle around the defense and grab boards.  No wonder you’re not in the NBA anymore.  Did you try doing this to Melo in Denver and New York?  Shot the ball too many times so you grabbed him by the throat like you were Undertaker performing the Choke Slam.  Can’t be doing that, bruh.  Basketball isn’t a Royal Rumble.  Its not a free for all or last man standing event.  Its all about teamwork.  Team morality is going to be quite low from here on out.  Everyone is going to be on pins and needles around each other.  No one is going to want to be the next one put in a triangle choke, arm bar or rear naked chokehold.

The Philippines need to realize that black guys don’t play.  Look at both their eyes, they’re telling the whole story…

Balkman’s Eyes: “Say one more thing and I’ll end your life right here, right now.”                                                     Santos’ Eyes: “Please, no, sir.  I’m sorry.  I won’t do it again.”



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