High School Basketball Player Scores Buzzer Beating Game Winner… For The Opposing Team

How about the cameraman being all cocky with his “I’m about to get something special here. This is going to be on ESPN.”  Good call, dude.  You just witness the dumbest athlete in all of history.  Good luck to this bro in his quest to ever get laid again.  For all eternity his boys are going to cock block the shit out of hi.  He’ll be all smooth with his boys at a party or out at the club, telling all the broads how he’s a basketball player.  Then one of his boys will step in and be like, “Yeah, my boy is the best.  Tell her about that buzzer beating game winner you hit in the playoffs.”  Then his other boy will be like, “Oh, you mean that one where he scored for the opposing team?”  Yup, that one.  His only  chance there is pity pussy.  And pity pussy always leads to a fat chick.  We’ve already discussed that.



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