Couple Of Cheerleaders Create A Hit List And Post It To Instagram

AZ Central – Two female students from the Florence Unified School District are under investigation following a “hit list” they posted on the Internet, according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. An eighth-grader from Walker Butte K-8 School and a 10th-grader from Poston Butte High School, both cheerleaders, are suspected of posting a picture of a “hit list” with a picture of a pistol next to the title on a popular social media sitesaid Tamra Ingersoll with the Sheriff’s Office. Officials from Florence Unified School District were first notified about the list when a parent e-mailed two staff members regarding it, according to a statement the district released.

“Nine students who attend Poston Butte or Walker Butte and one teacher from Poston Butte were on the list,” the statement said. “Parents of all students concerned, those who created the list and those who were on it, have been or are currently being contacted.”

The girls maintained they did not intend to harm anyone on the list, Ingersoll said.

“Neither student has a history of disciplinary incidents,” the school district’s statement said. “However, all threats are taken very seriously, and both students will be suspended pending a hearing.”


Here’s your new school Mean Girls Burn Book.  Its basically the same, only now they talk about killing the person.  I definitely saw this coming.  Chicks can only take so much criticism before they explode.  Usually it takes like one comment not for all of civilization.  Chicks for all of eternity have been hearing how cheerleading isn’t a sport.  How its a hobby.  An activity.  An exercise routine.  And it is.  It 100% is.  Sideline cheering is not a sport.  They don’t keep score.  There aren’t any winners.  Plus, when.s the last time a ‘sport’ required the attendance to cheer on another sport?  If that were the case then Madison Square Garden has 18,000 cheerleaders each night.  But chicks don’t want to hear that.  They love cheering.  Its their life.  Plus, they love overreacting.  Love it.  Its no doubt in my mind that this list was full of dudes who hated on cheering- like myself, and broads who criticized them and called them ugly.  They weren’t really going to kill any of them.  High school girls are too sensitive.  They’ll cry for weeks just because some other broad wore the same shirt as them.  Total heart breaker.  And don’t get me started on when they see their crush chatting it up with their arch rival.  Game.  Set.  Match.  Life is over.



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