Chris Brown Flips Out At Valet Over $10 Charge

MSN – Chris Brown has flipped out at someone in a disproportional manner, screaming at a valet over $10. Brown had been attending a charity event at a PINZ bowling alley, and when he prepared to leave, the attendant asked for the $10 valet charge, causing Brown to start yelling at him and saying things like “f*ck ten dollars.” Anyway, he finally told the valet, “We gonna turn this whole thing on out.”


Breezy being Breezy, just ask Rihanna.  Don’t play with his money.  $10 is $10 no matter how you slice it.  Brown apparently feels that he can valet park without having to pay for it.  Like he can’t afford it or some shit.  Sorry, but your custom Viper in the background says otherwise.  Along with your 2 Lamborghini’s and your Porsche.  I always wanted to believe that Chris just catches bad pub because people don’t like him.  I’m an asshole so I know how it can be.  But Breezy is on his own level.  He’s a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment over the most useless of conversations.  Chill with the bad ass persona, dude.  Stick to singing and enjoying Rihanna’s fine ass.  You’re an R&B singer, not some gangster rapper like Tupac or Biggie.

Side Note: Before his valet confrontation, Breezy got pissed at his bodyguard and left him in Bermuda.  That’s right, he just left him there.  Refused to let him fly back on his private jet, and told him to find his own way home.  Breezy doesn’t play.


One thought on “Chris Brown Flips Out At Valet Over $10 Charge

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