Sexism In Men Is Linked To Their Interest In Breast Size

Huff Post – A recent study from the University of Westminster, published in February in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, showed that men’s attitudes toward women influence their attitudes about ideal breast size. The researchers interviewed 361 white, heterosexual men, ranging in age from 18 to 68. (Since ethnicity has been previously shown to impact how individuals perceive breast size, the researchers decided to pull participants from just one self-identified racial category.) Each man was shown five different 3-D models of women, each with a different breast size, and then asked to record which “woman” he found most physically attractive.

Afterward, the participants were given surveys which measured each man’s level of hostility toward women, his attitudes about relationships between men and women, benevolent sexism and how much he objectified women.

The researchers found that the largest percentage of participants (32.7 percent) rated medium-sized breasts as “most attractive,” followed by large (24.4 percent), very large (19.1 percent), small (15.5 percent) and very small (8.3 percent). However, a preference for large and very large breasts was significantly correlated with overt sexism, benevolent sexism, female objectification and hostile attitudes toward women. This connection was strongest when it came to benevolent sexism. In other words, men who tend to idealize “traditional” femininity and perceive women as meek and weak, are also the most likely to prefer big boobs. “It is arguable that benevolently sexist men perceived larger female breasts as attractive because larger breast size on a woman is associated with perceived femininity,” wrote the researchers.

The findings don’t mean that all men who find big breasts attractive are sexist. Also, knowing that some guys may associate your big boobs with weakness is NOT a reason to have a breast reduction. But this research is a good reminder that social ideas about what makes a woman sexually desirable don’t just impact the way women feel about themselves or how they imagine men perceive them. Those ideas impact the way that men view women — both how attractive and how powerful men think they are.


Everyday I’m told, “Sports Reporter, you’re so sexist! How could you view and belittle women like that?!”  Truth is, I don’t do it on purpose.  Its genetic.  Its based on my sexual behavior towards large breasts.  I always thought it was because women cooked better, were top notch at cleaning and were better at sorting laundry, but it is in fact because I prefer larger breasts.  Im not a large, large breast man by no means, more so a medium to big kind of guy.  Double D’s are the extent of my interest.  Anything larger is just overkill.  I guess my sexism isn’t as bad as it could be.  I’m not some triple Z hunter who gates his women into the kitchen where he makes them sleep on the floor, cook and push out babies.  I don’t just believe women are cooks and baby makers.  That’s wrong.   My belief is that women sports are less than men’s sports, women can’t hold the lead role of a TV show, women can’t be the boss of men in the work field, women can’t and shouldn’t be play-by-play announcers for men’s sports, they shouldn’t vote, nor should they be allowed to drive.  That’s it.


Ever since the Earth was created dudes have loved tits.  And by tits I mean tits with size.  No A-B has ever caught the eye of a male in the history of ever.  Yeah, we dig chicks with small racks.  We won’t discriminate. But don’t let guys fool you, ladies, all guys dig handfuls. Its like our guilty pleasure.  Therefore guys will always be sexist.  Always.                                                                                                       


I bet you Ellen DeGeneres is one sexist bitch..


PS, Ethnicity 100% determines how you perceive breast size.  The reason no minorities were chosen for this research study is because minorities couldn’t give two shits about breasts.  Now if this were a study linking men’s sexism to their interest in ass sizes, the participants would be blacks and hispanics all day, everyday.



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