Jamal Crawford Went Between The Legs For An Alley-Op To Blake Show

Way to show off, Lob City.  I’ve seen about 5 dunks performed by LeBron and Blake within the past week that were straight 10’s in any dunk contest.  Straight 20’s in that putrid, sorry excuse for a dunk contest in 1988.  God that shit was awful.  Anyway, there’s no reason these guys can’t do this at All-Star weekend.  We as fans go to your games and buy your merchandise, the least you can do is make us happy and dunk 3-5 times on a Saturday night.  Stop acting like we’re asking for you to commit murder or something.

Keep defying gravity and human ability, and keep throwing the orange sphere through that metal open sphere.

Side Note: This might be the best play of the year in the NBA.  Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything better.


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