Best News Ever: Felon Is Spared Prison Because He Suffers From Cystic Fibrosis

St Louis Today – A central Illinois judge has decided not to send a man who pleaded guilty to money laundering for a drug ring to prison because he suffers from cystic fibrosis.

McLean County Circuit Court Judge James Freitag sentenced Dustin Pulliam, 25, of Saybrook to 36 months of probation on Monday. The Pantagraph in Bloomington says Frietag spared Pulliam from prison time because Pulliam has cystic fibrosis.

Government medical benefits and other support Pulliam depends on for treatment would have stopped had he been sent to prison.

Pulliam pleaded guilty in December. He was among seven people charged as part of a McLean County Sheriff’s Department investigation into shipments of marijuana from California. Several have been sentenced to either prison or probation.


It might have been about a year ago when I asked Sandra a question, “if I killed a man, would I be sent to prison?” To most its a simple answer, why yes, Sports Reporter, you would.  But, my condition is unlike most.  I have routine medicines to do everyday and a strict diet to tend to.  A jail sentence would be an automatic death sentence.  Morally though, it didn’t sit right with me.  Could you really be spared jail time due to an illness, or would they just be like, sorry, you broke the rules so you’re dying.  Well I got my answer.  If I killed a man I’d be spared jail time.  Best news CF has every brought to its population.  Now I’m not saying I’m going to kill a man.  I’m not.  I have enough fun blogging about mentally challenged individuals who break the law, I don’t need to be a part of that.  But its good to know we have a little bit of good on our side.  Sure my organs are like some redneck hillbilly- they don’t work, and yeah, my body has aged 50-years past what its supposed to, but the silver lining is I’ll never ever have to go to jail.  Ever.  No 5×7’s for me.  No shitty jail food.  No $0.15 wager for me.  No getting raped in the shower.  No having to join some gang for protection.  No getting shanked.  And no pale skin because I can’t tan.  Fuck yeah.  Keep following the law, bitches.  I’m living my life on the edge from now on.  All systems go.




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