Who Am I, Wednesday?

So Rihanna decided to wear double jeans on Monday night when she was out in London to promote her new fashion line, River Island Collection.  I usually don’t hate on Rihanna besides the fact that she’s once again dating the man who went Muhammed Ali to her money maker.  She’s nutso in the head for dating Chris Brown again, talking about having kids with him, and tattooing guns on her body.  Even with all that, her fashion sense is usually on its game even if her taste in men and sanity isn’t.  That wasn’t the case Monday, though.  No one should ever, ever wear double jeans.  I feel like this is just Ri mind fucking us right now.  She knows this is the worst decision of her life, but she just wants to sit back and see how long it takes for a bunch of broads to be like “OMG, Rihanna looked so sexy in those double jeans. Can’t wait to get me a pair.”

Broads can be so clueless to life.  One day they don’t know how the internet works, the next they want a pair of double jeans because Rihanna had them on.


One thought on “Who Am I, Wednesday?

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