St. John’s And Notre Dame Got Into A Little Fight At The End Of Their Game

Rule number 1 of punching a guy in the face, put your hands up afterwards like you don’t know what happened and you weren’t a part of anything.  Classic move, Sir’Dominic Pointer.  I’ll give Cameron Biedscheid credit, he has a steel jaw.  Pointer landed a few spot on punches, but Biedscheid just kept on standing and swinging back.

The real issue at hand isn’t that Sir’Dominic Pointer punched a man, its that no one saw this coming.  When your parents name you Sir’Dominic you’re on course to punch everyone you want.  You’ve been crowned medieval royalty straight from the womb.  Sir’Dominic is one of the cockiest names I’ve come across.  As children we’re all told to treat everyone as we’d want them to treat us, but not when your name is Sir’Dominic.  You put Sir in front of any name and you automatically become better than anyone else without it.  No peasant named Cameron is going to talk back to me, I am Sir’Dominic.  Here’s my fist!  Feel my wrath!



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