Have You Ever Seen Something So Beautiful?




This past weekend I was jazzed about spring and the upcoming golf season.  My excitement spilled into me buying this bad boy.  Couldn’t wait for it to come in so I could head to the range and get some swings in.  Today was the day.  Woke up to her laying in my hallway, waiting for me to come pick her up.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Natural beauty only described in fairy tales.  Unfortunately this jealous bitch named Mother Nature isn’t too fond of my new relationship.  She went from giving me 50’s and sunshine for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to giving me another snow storm dumping 3-6 inches of snow tonight.  I don’t know if I can take another snow storm. Good thing, my Covert came in today because I’m going to need a lot of cuddling tonight as I’m crying my eyes out while Mother Nature buries the ground with more of that white stuff.


Snow can eat a dick.  I’ve never wanted spring to start so bad in my entire life.  I feel like I’ve been sitting with anticipation since Christmas.  But every time I have the slightest bit of hope that spring and summer are on the horizon, some snow storm decides to show up and sprinkle a little bit of its toxicity amongst our lives.  In the last year we’ve been hit with every natural disaster there is, except for a tsunami.  I’ve had enough.  Florida and California have the life.  I’ll substitute this shit for an occasional earthquake, sinkhole and/or hurricane, any day.  As long as the earthquake, sinkhole, and/or hurricane stay away from my house and the golf course.  Everything else is up for grabs.



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