Is This… A Creative Haircut Or The Worst Haircut You Could Get?

Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard, Nick Young, decided to trying something a little new this time with his hair and opted for the Afro-Mullet.  I can’t say I’ve seen this before, but I can say that I hope I never see it again.  Black people can pull off any style they want.  Literally any style.  Think of any color, of any article of clothing, or any haircut, or even an entire fashion style and they can pull it off no questions.  They have the hip hop  line taken care of with rappers, the prep line taken care of by Kanye (back in the day), the grown man wear taken care of with Denzel, and sophisticated line taken care of by LeBron and DWade.  And they even have the odd, nerd line taken care of by Russell Westbrook.  Its a full spectrum for blacks.  This is one of the few things I envy a great deal in life.  The ability to wear whatever, whenever you want.  I haven’t been able to draw up an exact correlation as to why this is.  But I believe it has something to do with their skin color and my belief that everyone looks better with a tan.  Blacks just have the lifelong tan that makes everything fashion look legit.

Side Note: This might pass Andrew Bynum for best/worst hair on the 76ers team.  I’m giving Bynum until the end of the week and he’ll have topped this cut.  Its not like he’s doing anything better with his time.



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