Are These Soccer Trick Shots Real Or Real Fake?

Soccer as a sport may suck, but this guy is my new favorite athlete.  Of course any normal human being with a fully functioning brain could watch this video and tell you that there’s some doctored footage.  I’m not going to though.  Instead I’m going to go with the thought that Lassi Hurskainen is a world class sniper with his right foot.  I couldn’t throw a ball with that kind of accuracy never mind kick it.  Soccer players have some real boring lives if all they do is sit around booting a ball around and seeing what kind of targets they can hit and weird scenarios they can kick their way into.  Maybe he could get a hold of Lauren Silberman and hook her up with some lessons.

Here are Lassi Hurskainen’s other videos:

Soccer players are some weird creatures, that’s for sure.

PS, Get help with your background music choices, dude.  R.Kelly’s ‘Ignition’ and T-Pain’s ‘Ringtone’ don’t exactly shout trick shot soccer videos.



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