UNC Tell It’s Rape Victim Students, ‘Rape Is Like Football’

Huff Post – Weeks into my undergraduate career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), a friend told me she had that been raped a few days earlier as part of a fraternity “initiation process.” I was a young advocate; I had heard stories of assault and I knew how to respond to survivors, but I had no idea what to do within the UNC university system. Therefore, I just went into action mode; my friend and I sat down in the wooden chairs in my residence hall room and began to Google resources and options for reporting… hours later, we still couldn’t find the proper university protocol.

When she asked me about my involvement in violence prevention, I shared that I was a recent rape survivor as well. We brainstormed, and together we came up with an idea: I would go to an administrator and report my assault the following week. I would figure out the resources available, and then I would share with her the process so that she could report as well. We made a pact.

The next week I tried to report my assault. I was incredibly confident in my story as well as my new university home, and why wouldn’t I be? I was raped. It was violent. He was wrong.

“So why are you here today?” the administrator asked me.

“I want to report what happened and get counseling. I was raped.”

The response which I received left me both speechless and confused:

“Well… Rape is like football, if you look back on the game, and you’re the quarterback, Annie… is there anything you would have done differently?”

I was then handed a multiple page-survey to fill out about my rape.


Not sure why psychologists and doctors haven’t thought of this before.  Rape is absolutely like football.  Some dude is violating you with his hands all up your ass while you’re screaming shit out to people.  Perfect example. Then you nail it with the ‘If you were to look back on this, is there anything you would do differently,’ quote.  I guess this chick didn’t really have it all figured out.  She thought she could just mosey on down to administration, tell them her rape story, and they’d have this magical plan.  Nope.  Just a spot on quote/analogy and a 5-page survey about the act in which you were raped.  The same plan and resources available to every place any human has ever come into contact with.  Not sure why she thought it’d be different at a university.  Apparently she doesn’t think things out.  Her quarterbacking is kind of like Tony Romo.  She has these huge, giant plans that sometimes come to fruition, but more often than not she tries to make a play on the run and ends up getting raped… by the defense.



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