Red Wings’ Gustav Nyquist’s Storage Unit Gets Sold, Along With His 1st NHL Goal Puck And Framed Game Sheet

Yahoo! – Detroit Red Wings prospect Gustav Nyquist has one career NHL goal in 20 games over the past two seasons. His lone tally was a memorable one, coming during a 7-2 rout over theColumbus Blue Jackets last March thanks to a dazzling spin-o-rama assist from the one and only Pavel Datsyuk.

Sadly, the only thing Nyquist currently has memorializing the milestone is the image of the play in his head and likely the photo to the right here. That’s because the puck he’s holding has disappeared, in a story that sounds like an episode of the reality show “Storage Wars”.


Nyquist, 23 and considered one of the organization’s top prospects, played in 18 games and four playoff games last season with Detroit, finishing with that lone goal along with six assists. After the season, the Halmstad, Sweden, resident put many of his valuables from his Grand Rapids apartment into an area storage unit with teammates Landon Ferraro and Travis Ehrhardt. That included the puck, game sheet, clothes and some furniture.

When he returned in September, he learned the storage unit had been auctioned off in August through a misunderstanding over payment. Nyquist declined to go into details, but he said the buyer is unknown and he hopes for a settlement from the Alpine-based location.

Also packaged with the puck was a framed game sheet from his first NHL game in Nov. 2011 against the Minnesota Wild.

Nyquist has played only twice for the Red Wings this season, spending majority of his time leading the AHL’s Grand Rapid Griffins with 55 points in 52 games. Given his production, he’ll soon enough be able to score his second “first” NHL goal. Hopefully then he’ll take the puck and lock it a safety deposit box, or at least find a pay upfront for a storage unit.

Here is a lesson for all you young kids out there.  This is what you get for using a storage unit.  Nothing beats the reliability of leaving shit with your parents.  Sure once in a while you’ll be looking for a certain shirt, your razor, your beard trimmer, your mail, your medicine, or your keys, but at least they were lost by a loved one and not some stranger.  Your mom will always find what she misplaced.  Or she’ll remember that she threw it away because that’s what she does with everything; She throws it away.  Then she’ll just be forced to replace it.  Bet you this storage unit isn’t going to hunt down the buyer or try and get you back your puck and framed game sheet.  But your mom would.  She’ll call and threaten everyone.  She’d throw a white lie out there about it being someone else’s fault and how they need to fix the problem.  Then the problem would get fixed.  That’s what moms do.  They may shrink your $100 sweater, but they’ll buy you a new one 6-months later.  After you’ve hassled them over and over.  So don’t sweat getting your puck and game sheet.  You’d get both.  Either that or she’d go down to Dick’s when you weren’t around and buy you a new puck, beat it up a bit, and throw some tape on there with ‘1st NHL Goal’ written on it. Then she’d get a copy of your game sheet and frame it.  And she would try to keep it a secret for as long as possible- probably like 3-hours because moms aren’t real good at hiding secrets like that.  Moms just have a gene that requires them to go out of their way.  They’re fragile creatures who feel guilt real easy.  Storage units aren’t.


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