My Apologies For Missing Grade A Friday… Here’s Katie Price Jordan As A Consolation


Friday I became a little busy and shut down operations before scheduling the posting of Grade A Friday.  My apologies on that one.  That’s why, today, I will be bringing you a special Grade A Monday and you will also be getting one this Friday.  That’s two Grade A’s in one week.  Booyah!  Enjoy.

This is Katie Price Jordan.  She’s an English media personality, model and singer.  I’d never heard of her until I started searching the net for Grade A Monday.  The thought, “hot chick with big boobs” popped into my head and she showed up in Google Images.  Not bad, Google Images.  Not bad.

Not so sure I’m digging the new indian/garter tattoo, but whatever.  I can get over that I guess.  As long as she doesn’t sound like some gross English broad.  I should probably get to Google for that.  While I’m Googling whether Katie sounds like that disgusting fool Austin Powers or that annoying train broad, you can follow Miss Price on Twitter, @MissKatiePrice and on her website.



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