Kobe Put Josh Smith On A Dunk Face Poster

I don’t know what Kobe Bryant eats or drinks, but whatever it is I want it. That man has found the fountain of youth. 34-years old and balling like a 24-year old. LeBron can keep doing everything he does, but Kobe will forever be my favorite baller. LeBron is a physical freak who will jump you out of the gym. Kobe is a mental assassin who will play you out of the gym. He’ll break you down with the crossover, he’ll pull up on you from 20 or he’ll take you to the basket and embarrass you in front of the entire world. He’ll make you question your every move, every time. And if you talk negatively on him, expect 40-plus and a Lakers’ victory. Mental toughness like you dream about.

Side Note: Kobe might want to get Josh Smith a ‘Get Well’ card since be broke his spirits last night when he dunk faced him. While he’s at it, he should probably go in on an ‘Im Sorry’ card, too.


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